Reconnect with your body to purposefully tackle climate change

Training for coaches who want to tackle climate change authentically.

About this event

This was held on Thursday 4th March 2021 as part of the CCA 24 Hour Conversation.

In this workshop you will learn how to reconnect with your body using embodiment techniques to determine the most authentic way in which you can help to tackle climate change.

You will learn about the EAST Method and how to use these tai chi-based movements to get to the heart of what drives you and how you can really make a difference to the world.

This is more than just beating stress or relaxing. We will experience and experiment with the basics of the EAST Method, practising a 5 movement set and using it as a personal enquiry exercise.

The slow, gentle movements are suitable for all but if you have any special requirements, please ask.

Recording of workshop

Personal enquiry questions

These questions were asked towards the end.

  • What does tackling climate change personally mean for me?
  • How can I use coaching to deal with climate change?
  • Who do I need to speak to?
  • What one thing can I do next?

Semi-anonymised chat recording

16:01:15 From Heather to Everyone : I’ve just been out for a run in the rain in a 1 hour break between sessions – juggling homeschool, solo parenting and getting my children to take exercise! I’ll stay muted / video off until I’ve dried off!
16:07:02 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : Hi Coqueline – lovely to meet you here….
16:07:27 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : We run on everyone’s energy – just like the planet!
16:07:42 From Coqueline to Everyone : Hi Alison, Hi everyone
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16:34:09 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : It changes from moment to Moment – some times I am 10/10
16:34:11 From Jo to Everyone : 7
16:34:16 From Simona to Everyone : 8
16:34:31 From Heather to Everyone : 4
16:34:33 From Chris to Everyone : 6
16:34:35 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : Right now I’m probably an 8
16:34:43 From Stuart Pickles (CCA) to Everyone : 7
16:38:34 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : If I touch into the anxiety it increases – if I let it go, it reduces – so could be 2 or 3
16:38:41 From Chris to Everyone : 4
16:38:54 From Chris to Everyone : Yes- it’s gone down
16:38:54 From Simona to Everyone : 6
16:39:00 From Jo to Everyone : 7 same as before
16:39:04 From Stuart Pickles (CCA) to Everyone : felt a flow, let go to maybe 5
16:39:42 From Stuart Pickles (CCA) to Everyone : really helps just to name it
16:40:23 From Heather to Everyone : It’s probably gone up for me, as PERSONAL anxieties I touched into in the somatic awareness stage have dropped and I’m therefore more open to collective suffering…
16:41:13 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : Ah – Heather – shout if you need a chat
16:42:04 From Jeana (she/her) to Everyone : This has been really interesting thank you. I have to go now though!
16:46:54 From Jo to Everyone : I think that it would work better for me using the EAST technique with an issue that is internal to me.
16:49:57 From Heather to Everyone : I think it’s a beautiful approach and can be used for ANY question…I’d very much enjoy experimenting with movement and coaching questions in relation to big broad questions like climate chnage
16:52:04 From Carina to Everyone : need to jump on another call – thank you so much for this 🙂
16:52:06 From Simona to Everyone : I agree Heather
16:52:24 From Stuart Pickles (CCA) to Everyone : PLEASE click this link and complete the survey
16:52:34 From Simona to Everyone : thank you very much for this, very interesting. I am off to a session now, thank you!
16:53:19 From Jo to Everyone : great to reconnect with the Soma and hear about this really simple and effective technique. Thx Darren
16:57:55 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : So may be there is no need to invite verbal expression……
16:58:54 From Alison Whybrow to Everyone : Darren – this has been brilliant and thank you all – I will need to to step out now to go to another session – that “m supporting – Love to you all and huge thanks again
16:59:47 From Chris to Everyone : Thank you for the session Darren.
17:00:12 From Coqueline to Everyone : Thank you very much for this very interesting session.
17:00:17 From Annabe to Everyone : Meeting the client where the client is in the moment – thank you for pointing that out Darren
17:00:18 From Stuart Pickles (CCA) to Everyone : PLEASE click this link and complete the survey